Todd Griffin started his Veteran Lawn Care & Landscaping business after serving in the U.S. Army where he was deployed overseas in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Griffin started the business in 2014. He said he always had a passion for landscaping with almost 20 years of experience prior and after retiring from the military.

“It really is a passion of mine; I love it; I really love the design aspect, as much as the install aspect and meeting with the customer,” Griffin said.

Veteran Lawn Care & Landscaping offers residential and commercial landscaping services, some of which include lawn care maintenance, landscaping and design, and sod installation, which is the process of putting in a patch of grown grass to maintain a healthy lawn.

Griffin said he prides himself on integrity when meeting with customers.

“We’re going to quote you right; we’re going to quote you competitively; we’re going to install properly; and you know, it’s a long-lasting relationship,” Griffin said.

Griffin said he enjoys the work he does at every step in the process when working on jobs.

“From the beginning to the end, from the ideas to the installation and seeing it at the completion is very satisfying, and one of the [reasons] why I continue to do what I do is I’m very passionate about what I do,” Griffin said.

Griffin, who is from Killeen and moved to Hutto in 2008, said he opened Veteran Lawn Care & Landscaping with the idea of bringing the values he learned in the military to the community.

“I want you to have a piece of commercial property or residential property and have a peace of mind when doing business with me,” Griffin said. “I’m bringing those same values from the military and implementing them in our community.”

Griffin said his favorite type of landscaping is doing work for outdoor living areas such as patios.

“My favorite is stonework for outdoor living, from textures and contrast with natural stone and concrete, that full outdoor living package is my favorite,” Griffin said.